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When to give up hope
07.01.08 (4:27 pm)   [edit]
The state of the Padres is too sad for words. When does a life long Padres fan give up? The answer is supposed to be never, but when a team doesn't seem to care anymore how can a fan hang in there? Right now I am considering my loyalties. Are the Padres a bunch of overpaid underperforming athletes or are they a belief, an identity, a way of life? That's what i'm trying to figure out right now.

Padres Heartbreak - Kent Ninomiya
04.10.08 (7:06 pm)   [edit]
I just finished watching the series between the Padres and the Giants in San Francisco. The Pads looked good going in. Pitching was strong as ever and their bats seemed to be coming alive early. Virtually the entire starting line up entered the series batting over .300. Despite all the nay sayers it looked as though the Padres could have another successful year and wipe clean the memory of last year's last minute collapse. SD walked away with the first game of the series making the hapless Giants look amateurish with a record of 1-6. The last two games of the series were low scoring drawn out battles. In the first the Padres came back from a 0-2 deficit to send the game into extra innings only to lose it in the bottom of the 11th on a Benjie Molina home run. In the second game there was no score going into the bottom of the 9th. It looked as though it would be another extra inning game but with two outs Daniel Ortmeier muscled in a run on a double over the head of Jim Edmonds to score Rajai Davis from second. It was two close walk off losses for the Padres in two days. Here's my question... is being a Padres fan all about the heartbreak? Yeah... I know it's early in the season... but I feel like we are being slow tortured. It's far more painful to lose the nail biters than the blow outs. Padres fans are not Cubs fans or old Red Sox fans. We don't like the pain. Would it be too much to ask to have the Padres win a few of these close ones? Please... at least until the sting of last season fades. Kent Ninomiya

Is Racism in Vogue?
03.29.08 (12:36 am)   [edit]
What is all this about the cover of Vogue being racist? Take a look at the image. The offended say LeBron James' expression combined with his arm being around Giselle Bundchen's waist “reinforces the criminalization of black men.” What?! Since when is an expression racist? People often see what they want. Perhaps the offended want to see racism here. It's not as though Giselle was in black face or LeBron was flashing gang signs. It's just a picture of two people on a magazine cover! There is enough REAL racism out there to worry about. When a big deal is made about imaginary racism like this magazine cover, it distracts from a real problem in our society. It also gives society an excuse to turn a blind eye when racism does rear its ugly head. When you cry wolf too many times, no one listens when the wolf really comes. Let's call racism what it is. Let's not call it racism when it isn't. Kent Ninomiya

Who's Next? - Kent Ninomiya
02.09.08 (11:06 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Let me get this straight. Roger Clemens' former trainer Brian McNamee now says he injected Debbie Clemens with HGH. Roger Clemens' wife is now an alleged doping fiend? The story from McNamee seems to get stranger and stranger by the day. As far as I can tell it's just his word against everyone else. Unless, of course, those bloody syringes he supposedly hung on to for 7 years turn out to prove something. What I find off about the story is that it is trickling out. It's as if it is being made up along the way. First it's a legendary pitcher being accused, then his wife. Who's next? His kids, his dog, his ham sandwich? The unfortunate part of all this is that Clemens may never get a chance to clear his name. Meanwhile he is being smeared weekly with fresh stories about his alleged drug use. It's time for McNamee to put up or shut up. Every day this drags on make it more of a travesty of justice. If Clemens is guilty prosecute. If he is innocent then clear his name. Trial by media benefits no one. The guilty have justice delayed. The innocent are unjustly tormented. The media loses its soul and credibility. Kent Ninomiya

Clemens Case Getting More Bizzare - Kent Ninomiya
02.07.08 (1:34 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Lawyers for Brian McNamee, the trainer accusing Roger Clemens of steroid use, now say they gave prosecutors physical evidence that proves Clemens is guilty. They claim they handed over bloody syringes with Clemens' blood on them in early January. This prompted strong denials from Clemens' attornies who say anything like that would have to have been fabricated. Common sense suggests it is highly unlikely a trainer would keep used syringes with illegal substances in them for seven years. Why would he do that? It is unsanitary and implicates him in a crime. Also if he had these why did he wait until now to hand them over? Roger Clemens knows this is no joke. His team of lawyers must have told him the legal ramifications of perjury. Yet the seven-time Cy Young Award winner gave a five-hour sworn deposition Tuesday to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Afterward he again denied to reporters that he ever used performance-enchancing drugs. Clemens knows that if he's caught lying he could go to prison. That makes Clemens either completely innocent or increadibly stupid. This case gets more and more bizzare every day, but I still haven't seen any evidence that proves Clemens did anything wrong. His accuser is hardly credible and now suddenly there's physical evidence we didn't know about? There is something very wrong in all this. Clemens may need his day in court to get this all out in the open and clear his name. Unfortunately this will probably drag on for years and may never reach trial. If that's the case Clemens will have no where to go to get his reputation back. Kent Ninomiya

Another Super Bowl Analogy - Kent Ninomiya
02.05.08 (11:59 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - The slugfest that was Super Bowl XLII attracted more viewers than any other Super Bowl in history. Nielsen Media Research says 97.5 million viewers tuned in. Likewise, I predict more voters will take part in this presidential election than any other in history. Just like the scrappy underdog Giants taking on the seemingly invincible Patriots hoping to cap off a perfect season, the Obama-Clinton matchup is intriguing. It captures the imagination of even the most apathetic citizen. We have had black candidates before. We have had women candidates before. We have never had one of each battle each other at the top of the polls. This is the first time in history that a woman and an African American have a legitimate shot at the White House. It's exciting to many, threatning to some, interesting to all. Expect record turnouts on this Super Tuesday and an even higher turnout for the general election in November. We are witnessing history and everyone wants to be in on the action. Kent Ninomiya

Brock Not a Lock - Kent Ninomiya
02.04.08 (1:12 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Brock Lesnar's run for legitimacy came to a painful end 90 seconds into his fight with Frank Mir. The UFC promoted the contest as Lesnar's coming out party. They more than suggested that Lesnar could be the next big thing in mixed martial arts. In the end it turned out to be all hype. Lesnar is a scary looking guy. He looks impressive in the carefully choreographed world of professional wrestling, but in the world of real fighting Lesnar submitted to a leg bar in the first round. Lesnar was a great high school and college wrestler. He was also a star of the WWE. That doesn't mean he can fight MMA. A lot of great fighters who specialize in one style can't mix it up in mixed martial arts. Add Brock Lesnar to the list. It's a lot harder than it looks. Kent Ninomiya

David Defeats Goliath - Kent Ninomiya
02.04.08 (1:11 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - It was as unlikely as the wife of a former president or a black first term senator becoming president of the United States. The New York Giants defeat the then undefeated New England Patriots by a mere 3 points in the closing minutes of Super Bowl XLII. This Super Bowl was indeed a "super" football game just as Super Tuesday promises to be a "super" political contest. History shows that both tend to disappoint. The Super Bowl is usually a blow out and Super Tuesday often is a coronation rather than a competition. However, 2008 is turning out to be a "super" year for head to head battles. That is very good news for the news business where conflict is king. It gives us plenty to talk about and analyze and get wrong. That's right... "wrong!" How many of the experts picked New York to win the Super Bowl? Not many gave them a prayer. Remember the New Hampshire primary? The experts said it would be the end of Hillary's campaign. I don't like the cliche "that's why they play the games," but it really is appropriate here. We can expand that to "that's why they hold the primaries." Kent Ninomiya

Chargers Should Have Won - Kent Ninomiya
01.26.08 (4:03 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - It took me a week to pull myself together enough to write about the Chargers loss to the Patriots in the AFC championship game. My devistation was equal to my anticipation of a trip to the Superbowl. To make my pain worse, the Chargers could have won that game. If they were blown out and out played then I could shrug it off. Instead they kicked field goals when they should have scored touchdowns. Players expected to play didn't and the ones expected to sit played below their abilities. Then there's the coaching decision to punt the ball back to the Patriots late in the fourth quarter when trailing by 9 points. We could have just handed them the AFC championship trophy right then. Yes, a game they should have won hurts much more than a game where they were just beat. Kent Ninomiya

Michael Chang Honored - Kent Ninomiya
01.25.08 (1:44 am)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Michael Chang is elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame. This is a big moment for Asian American athletes. It validates the landmark career of this amazing athlete. Chang was just 17 years old when he won the 1989 French Open. He is still the youngest male player to win a Grand Slam title. Chang was also the first U.S. champion at the clay-court Grand Slam since Tony Trabert in 1955. It was an amazing thing to watch. He was so exhasted during his five-set upset of number 1 seed Ivan Lendl that he had to serve underhanded. Still he beat the best player in the world at the time and went on to defeat Stefan Edberg in the final. He never won another Grand Slam but finished runner-up three times at Grand Slam tournaments and won 34 singles titles. Chang reached a number 2 ranking in 1996. Not bad for a kid who was just 5'9" and 160 pounds. In an era when male tennis players were huge and dominated with power, Chang got it done with hustle and heart. Just like Tiger Woods with golf, Michael Chang inspired a generation of Asian American kids to enter the world of competitive tennis. Congratulations Michael, you deserve the honor. Kent Ninomiya

Suspension Crazy - Kent Ninomiya
01.24.08 (12:08 am)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Suspending TV talent for off hand remarks seems to be in vogue these days. Now it's ESPN's Dana Jacobson who is on the hot seat. The co-host of "First Take" on ESPN2 is reportedly serving a one-week suspension for comments made at a January 11 roast of ESPN Radio personalities Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic. Jacobsen is said to have made vulgar comments about Notre Dame as a joke. Jacobson is a Michigan graduate who often kids Notre Dame alumnus Golic about the rivalry between the schools. Apparently it went too far. Jacobson reportedly made a number of apologies the next day to Greenberg and Golic, and issued a statement saying, "I am sorry. My remarks about Notre Dame were foolish and insensitive. I respect all religions and did not mean anything derogatory by my poorly chosen words. I also deeply regret the embarrassment I've caused ESPN and Mike and Mike." The apology wasn't good enough for ESPN. The question I have is: would Jacobson have been suspended if the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman had not been disciplined for her comments about Tiger Woods recently. Then Golfweek ran a cover of a noose to exploit the controversy. Editor Dave Seanor got fired for approving it. It seems to be a feeding frenzy on TV talent. I watch Dana Jacobson on a regular basis. She is a classy professional who presents herself well while doing hours of live television involving contentious debate. She was making jokes at a roast. Did she go to far? Maybe, but come on, it was a roast. A McCarthy style witch hunt is brewing in the broadcast industry where everyone is hypersensitive about what they say and intent is determined by public opinion days after the fact. We need to be careful not to lose our freedoms of expression and press by pandering to "pile on" outrage. They are just words. Let's not make them about something they're not. Kent Ninomiya

Rivers or Volek? - Kent Ninomiya
01.19.08 (8:52 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - The Chargers say Philip Rivers injury is worse than they thought. They are now listing him as doubtful for Sunday's AFC Championship game with the Patriots for his injured knee. If he doesn't play, or can't play well, the team's fate will ride on the shoulders of seldom used Billy Volek. The back up was impressive last week as he held off the Colts and increased San Diego's lead at the end of the game. Volek has a history of stepping in and stepping up. Over the NFL's past 39 seasons, no quarterback has thrown for more yards in his first 10 starts than Billy Volek. Of course Volek has made only 10 starts in his eight seasons. In 2004 he started for the injured Steve McNair in Tennessee. Volek passed for 918 yards and eight touchdowns in two games. He's just the fourth quarterback in NFL history to pass for more than 400 yards in back-to-back games. Will Volek be able to step up again and lead the Chargers to the Superbowl? Can he rise to the occasion and out shine perhaps the greatest quarterback of all time? If history shows us anything it's that Billy Volek makes the most of his time in the spotlight. This will be the brightest light to ever shine upon him. Kent Ninomiya

Steroid Strategy - Kent Ninomiya
01.19.08 (8:28 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - In the old days, when an athlete was accused of using performance enhancing drugs they just came out and denied it. That strategy didn't work well for those who were actually guilty. Just ask Marion Jones who is heading to prison for six months for lying to investigators. Houston Astro shortstop Miguel Tejada is now under investigation by the FBI for allegedly lying to investigators about his possible steroid use. If he's found guilty he might go to prison as well. Athletes are realizing that covering up is often more costly than what they're accused of doing in the first place. Many are now listening to their attorneys and saying nothing. There's a reason Mark McGuire is rarely seen in public anymore and wont grant interviews to anyone. He knows that nothing he says will help his case or public perception. McGuire refused to implicate himself or possibly commit perjury when he testified before congress. It hurt him in the public eye but may keep him out of prison if he ever is found guilty of anything. Even Roger Clemens, who went on the offensive against his accuser, refuses to make statements that could end up harming him later. Expect more carefully worded statements when he eventually testifies to congress. The bottom line is, athletes are beginning to realize that people will not take their word for it. The smart ones know what they say can and will come back to haunt them. Kent Ninomiya

Old School
01.19.08 (6:47 pm)   [edit]
Again, i'd like to reference OldSchool's sports blog. Check it out.

Chargers Hungry - Kent Ninomiya
01.18.08 (10:38 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - What I love most about the Chargers being in the AFC Championship game is all the national attention they're getting. Being a smaller West Coast market, San Diego is often neglected by the sports networks. The prevailing view is that they don't have the national fan base the Patriots or Giants or Bears have. Well, they can't neglect them now. The Bolts are front and center in every sportscast. It's glorious to be able to turn on any TV anywhere in America and see my Chargers covered. However, even though they can't be neglected this week, they can be dismissed. All the so-called experts are declaring San Diego done for. The odds makers have them 13 point underdogs. The Patriots have all but been crowned the greatest team of all time. I beg to differ. Let's remember last year. The Chargers were in the spot the Patriots enjoy now. They came into the playoffs with a 14-2 record and #1 seed only to be dethroned by the Patriots. The Chargers entered that game at home cocky and comfortable. They became a victim of their own overconfidence. This year the Chargers are hungry. The started the season with a new coaching staff and a 1-3 record. They battled back to finish strong and take the first two playoff games despite devastating injuries. This team has heart and this team wants it. As eager as I am to see the Chargers ruin the Patriots' destiny of a perfect season, I am even more eager to see the so-called experts eat their words Sunday night after the game. Remember, Indianapolis was an 8 point favorite but San Diego took care of them with backup players. They are ready for the Patriots. Kent Ninomiya

Bud the Dud or Stud? - Kent Ninomiya
01.18.08 (4:53 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Bud is back! The big question around the baseball world is whether that's a good thing. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig just extended his contract another three years. He will be with us through 2012. This is somewhat unexpected. Selig hinted that it was time for him to retire. It is certainly an interesting time in baseball. It's enjoying unprecidented financial success while under fire for steroid allegations. So is Selig good or bad for baseball. I think he is a valueable asset. Baseball is going through its most dramatic change since integration. Its biggest stars are its biggest liability. Strange times we live in. Bud is responsible for the steroid controversy coming to the surface. He is not trying to sweep it under the rug. He encouraged the Mitchell report, accepts partial responsibility and vows to clean things up. He is not responsible for steroids. He is doing something about it. Baseball has also exploded economically in his tenure. MLB grossed more than 6 billion dollars last season. They set an attendance record of nearly 80 million. Both are records. Selig promises to expand the league even more, bringing more baseball to more regions of the country. If you are a baseball fan, Bud is a stud not a dud. Kent Ninomiya

Good Link - Kent Ninomiya
01.17.08 (1:29 am)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - I would like to recommend a blog right here on tblog. It's by OldSchool, a guy with a good grasp on sports issues. Lately he's been addressing the Roger Clemens steroids accusation issue. Check it out! Kent Ninomiya

New Padres - Kent Ninomiya
01.16.08 (4:17 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - News on recent minor league signings in the Padres organizations from the associated press: Catcher Robert Fick, outfielder Jeff DaVanon and left-hander Mike Megrew agreed to minor league contracts with the San Diego Padres on Thursday and were invited to spring training. Fick returns to the Padres after spending the last two seasons with the Washington Nationals. He was with the Padres in 2004 and 2005. He is a career .258 hitter in parts of 10 big league seasons with five teams. DaVanon split the 2007 season between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland Athletics, hitting .213. He's played parts of eight big league seasons with three teams, batting .259. Megrew made 19 starts and had 21 appearances for Double-A Jacksonville in 2007, going 6-6 with a 5.30 ERA.

Bully Rivers - Kent Ninomiya
01.16.08 (4:06 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - What is wrong with Philip Rivers? Here he is on the verge of achieving a life long goal of playing in the Superbowl and he's acting like a playground bully. Rivers was shown on national television trash talking Indianapolis Colt fans at the end of the AFC divisional game. The video was repeated over and over on ESPN for days. You would have thought Rivers would have learned his lesson the last time this happened. He was caught jawing to the Denver Broncos at the end of the regular-season finale. The Chargers are not the Raiders. They have always been seen as the clean cut good guys. Rivers is doing everything he can to change that image. He is making the team look like a bunch of classless punks who need to be taught a lesson. By all accounts teammates are embarrassed by Rivers. The team's biggest star LaDainian Tomlinson says "I think we're perceived as a trash-talking team, and I hate that. That's never been my style, to really trash talk. The only thing you can do about that to change is to just play the game and quit talking about different things. Eventually it will go away, but you have to win also. The problem is that if you trash talk and you lose, people say that, 'This team, all they can do is talk and they can't back it up.' I've heard that this year already." Rivers is proving himself to be an immature jerk. The tragedy is he is surrounded by class professionals who are forced to work with him. Instead of the classy guys raising him up, Rivers is bringing them all down. The last thing the Chargers need is to give other teams more motivation to beat them. Rivers invites people to knock him on his ass. Let's hope he wises up and grows some humility and self esteem.

Cal Rebuilding - Kent Ninomiya
01.16.08 (3:41 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Cal Bear fans everywhere are devastated by the news that wide receiver DeSean Jackson is skipping his senior year to enter the NFL draft. The move is not unexpected, however we all hoped he would return to help Cal improve on this disappointing season. Jackson actually had a disappointing season himself. He was injured and inconsistent, but when he flashed his athletic brilliance it was spectacular. It all came down to his draft projection. He is rated as the number one receiver in the next draft which means he'll likely be taken high in the first round and rake in millions. His disappointing 2007 season gave Cal fans hope he would come back to improve his draft status. Since apparently his performance didn't hurt him too much he is gone. Jackson's departure reduces Cal to "rebuilding" status. There are no star receivers to take his place. Running back Justin Forsett is graduating and it's unclear who will step up as quarterback. I fear Cal's time may have passed. Kent Ninomiya

Cal Seniors - Kent Ninomiya
01.14.08 (3:14 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Six California Golden Bears appear in post season all star play this year. They include Thomas DeCoud, Justin Forsett, Mike Gibson, Lavelle Hawkins, Robert Jordan, and Craig Stevens. Wide receiver Robert Jordan was the Kai (west) team's top receiver with four catches for 84 yards in Saturday's game in the 2008 Cornerstone Hula Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu. Jordan scored the only touchdown of the game for his team. Safety Thomas DeCoud, running back Justin Forsett and receiver Lavelle Hawkins will play in the 59th annual Under Armour Senior Bowl on Saturday, Jan. 26 at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala.. Offensive tackle Mike Gibson and tight end Craig Stevens will play in the 83rd East-West Shrine Game this Saturday, Jan. 19. Cal has had 22 players participate in the Senior Bowl, including eight since Jeff Tedford's arrival - Tully Banta-Cain and Kyle Boller (2003); Lorenzo Alexander and J.J. Arrington (2005), Ryan O'Callaghan and Marvin Philip (2006) and Daymeion Hughes and Brandon Mebane (2007). All eight remain active in the NFL. Kent Ninomiya

Clemens Gamble - Kent Ninomiya
01.14.08 (2:32 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - As Roger Clemens awaits his February 13th meeting with U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he ponders the seemingly impossible task of clearing his name. The seven time Cy Young Award winner and, until recently, shoe in for the Hall of Fame, was named in the Mitchell Report as a user of steroids. The apparent source of the allegation is a sole trainer who claim he injected Clemens years ago. Clemens vehemently denies the allegation. He is doing what he can to fight it and the public perception that followed. He released statements, appeared on 60 Minutes, and filed a lawsuit against his accuser. Clemens also plans to testify before congress. He is doing more to clear his name than any other athlete who has been in this situation. If Clemens is guilty and there is convincing proof out there then he is in big trouble. Doing steroids is bad enough. Lying about it under oath will land you in prison. Just ask Marion Jones. However, if Clemens is not guilty then he is doing quite literally all he can. He is fortunate to have the money and resources to fight allegations in a way few others can. He will, no doubt, spend millions in his attempt to save his reputation. It will be worth the expense if he is able to turn around public perception and save his legacy. By all accounts it is a long shot. It is more unlikely than a 45 year old who can still throw a baseball like Clemens. He seems to realize this. "How do you prove a negative?" Clemens asked rhetorically at his news conference. "How do you do it?" His voice dripped with anger and frustration. Clemens is going for broke in this ordeal. Either he will be completely destroyed and disgraced or vindicated and held up as a working class hero for overcoming the establishment and unjust accusations. Either way he will carry indelible scars. What else can he do though? Kent Ninomiya

Back Ups Move On - Kent Ninomiya
01.14.08 (2:31 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - The Chargers battle their way to an impressive victory over the defending Superbowl champion Colts with clutch performances by Darren Sproles, Michael Turner, and Billy Volek. Who?! Most of the Chargers' headline starters were sidelined with injury including LaDainian Tomlinson, Philip Rivers, and Lorenzo Neal. Antonio Gates played with his dislocated toe but wasn't very effective. The backups were extremely effective and stepped up when they needed to. Darren Sproles rushed 56-yards for a touchdown on the last play of the third quarter. Michael Turner carried the ball 17 times for 71 yards. Billy Volek led the Chargers 78 yards on eight plays and scored his first career touchdown with a 1 yard quarterback sneak with 4:50 remaining. It sealed the lead and the victory for San Diego. Meanwhile the Colts had all their stars on the field. Payton Manning came out firing and even had Marvin Harrison back on their home field after resting for a bye week. The Colts had no excuse. Even the referees seemed to want the Colts to win. They took points off the board just before the half on a questionable holding call when the Chargers ran back a punt for an apparent touchdown. There was also a phantom pass interference call they saved an important Colts drive. It had me thinking NFL conspiracy. However, the Chargers just wanted it more and muscled it out until the end. The refs and the Colts couldn't overcome the Chargers will. It was a glorious moment for a San Diego fan. Kent Ninomiya

Golf Under Fire - Kent Ninomiya
01.13.08 (2:12 am)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - A few words about the suspension of Kelly Tilghman. The Golf Channel anchor will leave partner Nick Faldo and the network for two weeks as punishment for her comment that golfers should "lynch" Tiger Woods "in a dark alley" if they want to catch up to him. It was a stupid thing to say but no one believes she meant it literally. Tiger Woods, through his agent, said it was a non issue. The Golf Channel treated it as if it was no big deal and kept Tilghman on the air for several days after the comment. It wasn't until the next week when there was a public outcry and Rev. Al Sharpton called for Tilghman's firing that the Golf Channel took action. Suddenly they condemned her words. They released a statement saying "there is simply no place on our network for offensive language like this." Hmmm... such outrage. Why did it take them so long to feel it? I see hypocrisy here. If there is no room on the Golf Channel for that language then Tilghman should have been yanked from the air immediately. If it was a non issue then she should not be suspended. If you are going to take a moral stand then you have to make up your mind. You can't have it both ways. The late suspension was a compromise to hopefully get angry African Americans off the Golf Network's back. Tilghman's suspension conveniently ends just in time for her to work the Buick Invitational on January 24. It will be Tiger Woods' 2008 debut. I guess the Golf Network's timing isn't completely off... not when it comes to scheduling their outrage. Kent Ninomiya

Chargers get ready - Kent Ninomiya
01.12.08 (4:45 pm)   [edit]
Kent Ninomiya - Some good news and some bad news for the Chargers going into their playoff game with the Colts tomorrow. Pro Bowl Tight End Antonio Gates is not practicing while he rehabs his dislocated left big toe, but All-Pro fullback Lorenzo Neal is practicing and is expected to play. He missed a month after breaking his lower left leg. Neal was certainly missed by LT who rushed for only 64 yards last week. If Gates can't play, he'll be replaced by Brandon Manumaleuna. He's still a threat but he's no Gates who was San Diego's leading receiver for the fourth straight season, with 75 catches for 984 yards and nine touchdowns. The defense will need to step up if they expect to beat the rested Colts. Perhaps they can repeat their 6 interception performance from earlier in the season. Kent Ninomiya

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